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     This is my regular cleaning service. They have been taking care of my property for over two years, and their cleaners always do a phenomenal job. South Croydon Carpet Cleaning is definitely one of the best cleaning services in the area.
M. Addams21/05/2020
     Last week we had planned to throw a surprise birthday party to my aunt who lives with us. My mum put me in charge of the house cleaning, and knowing her high standards of cleanliness and excellence that she likes, I decided to hire SouthCroydonCrpetCleaners. They were so quick to respond and the cleaners did an amazing job. I was happy with what they did.
     Ever since we moved to our current house, I've been hiring private cleaning companies to deal with our housework, and have tried more separate businesses than I can name here. South Croydon Carpet Cleaners are certainly the best in the area, giving you a truly excellent standard of work for a price much lower than the average. I've been sticking with these guys for a long time, and they don't show any signs of their services deteriorating, as you'd probably notice with a lot of other companies. I'd recommend this service to anyone who needs great domestic cleaning.
Carl L.21/12/2015
     I was a busy working mum and had elderly parents who needed some help from time to time. I was getting fed up of juggling all of the cleaning so decide to hire a cleaner for my parent's home on a fortnightly basis. SouthCroydonCrpetCleaners were great with mum and dad and did an excellent job in their house. The cleaners were polite and hard working and sorted all of the cleaning in no time. I was so pleased that everything went well. My parents now look forward to cleaning day, as they love a chat with the cleaners every week and praise the work they do.
Vannesa Bacon24/07/2014
     I have both a dog and a cat in my home and no matter how hard I tried with the cleaning, muddy paw prints, wet sofa prints and the occasional unwanted smell would arise. I needed a cleaner who'd have the experience and knowledge to deal specifically with pet-related cleaning issues, and that's just what I found with SouthCroydonCrpetCleaners. My cleaner was really understanding about the issues of pets and cleanliness, and even managed to get rid of the toughest stains! I hire a cleaner regularly now and my home definitely looks and smells much better! A much appreciated and very affordable service!
     My house needed to be cleaned when I was suddenly admitted to hospital. I knew my husband wouldn't be any good so I turned to SouthCroydonCrpetCleaners. They came and cleaned my home on a weekly basis and my husband said that they were the most friendly, professional, reliable cleaners he had ever come across. I was able to spend more time focusing on recovering than worrying about the state that my house was going to be in when I returned. Their prices were also very affordable which meant that my wallet did not have to suffer. Would recommend to everyone!
Linda J.28/03/2014
     I am very impressed with the cleaners at SouthCroydonCrpetCleaners. I wanted to find a cleaner who could tackle my house for me. Even though I work from home I rarely have the time to get cleaning, and you could definitely tell that from the state of my house! I hired a cleaner and by the time she was done my house looked just brilliant! Everything was sparklingly clean and I had no problems or faults to pick. This is a great service and it's pretty affordable as well. Couldn't recommend them enough if you want a reliable house cleaner!

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